Mark Lauthier

Hi, I'm Mark and welcome to

How's that pronounced? Man I hate it when I don't know how to pronounce something. It's pronounced Lor-ts or Does that help? Good.

What does it mean though? Nothing at all. It's just an abbreviation of my surname, though I'm sure you already figured that out.

Anyway, welcome to Not surprisingly this is a website dedicated to my artwork. Here you'll find all sorts of work such as original character designs, fan art, comic pages and general sketches. In fact you most likely knew that, since the first thing anyone would do, would be to go to the gallery as it's far more interesting than a block of text, written by some guy trying to convey who or what he is.

But you're here now, and I've written all of this so you might as well keep reading. It may or may not get better.

So who am I? I'm a self taught Australian artist. The majority of my work is the kind of stuff you'd see in comic books, though I do all sorts of work really. Except portraits. I'm no good at portraits. I work with pencils, inks, markers, and digital software to create the artwork you'll find on this site.

I've worked for publishers here in Australia and overseas.

Well that's enough of me typing. If you are wishing for the time it took to read this "About" section back, then I at least hope you enjoy the rest of the site. If you found yourself enthralled by it, then I hope the rest of the site can live up to the immeasurably high bar I have now set.

Thanks for reading.